Our Methodology

Our Approach and Methodology for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

  • Integrating SDGs: We align our programs with the SDGs to create a more inclusive and sustainable world for individuals with disabilities.
  • Participatory Approach: Through participatory rural appraisal (PRA) and community engagement, we involve community members in planning and implementing our programs.
  • Awareness Building: We utilize cultural activities and community meetings to raise awareness and challenge misconceptions about disability.
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: We work with local organizations and stakeholders to leverage resources and expertise, amplifying the impact of our programs.
  • Empowering Individuals: Our approach aims to empower individuals with disabilities, promoting their participation and inclusion in society.

Together, we can make a positive impact, ensuring equal opportunities for growth and development.

Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR): Empowering Lives, Fostering Inclusion in Today’s World

Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) is a dynamic community development program that plays a crucial role in disability prevention and rehabilitation in today’s world. By actively involving community members and utilizing participatory methods such as participatory rural appraisal (PRA), CBR adapts to the changing needs and challenges faced by disabled individuals. Cultural activities during community meetings continue to serve as powerful tools for raising awareness and transforming attitudes towards disabilities, even in today’s fast-paced society.

CBR embraces a comprehensive approach, addressing not only medical aspects but also the social, psychological, educational, and occupational dimensions of rehabilitation. It empowers disabled individuals by promoting equal opportunities and social inclusion, allowing them to lead fulfilling lives.

In the current scenario, where inclusion and diversity are increasingly valued, CBR stands as a critical strategy for ensuring that disabled individuals are actively involved in and benefit from community development initiatives. By leveraging community participation and harnessing existing resources, CBR remains a cost-effective and impactful approach.

Join us in our commitment to empower lives, break barriers, and foster inclusion through Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) in today’s rapidly evolving world. Together, we can create a society where every individual, regardless of ability, has the opportunity to thrive and contribute.

                                                Empowering Lives through Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR)