Our Approach

Our approach to disability is a comprehensive one. The activities are planned in such a way that every individual lives a life of independence as far as possible and to make him / her as an integral part of the community and to remove the stigma that is attached to disability especially mental retarded.

CBR work becomes a Herculean task in rural areas due to attitudinal barriers with various local manifestations, illiteracy, superstitions, extreme poverty, long distance travel, lack of proper roads, transport facilities, scarcity of clean drinking water and lack of adequate funds. The absence of sanitation facilities and inadequate health delivery system are some of the hurdles that face a community based rehabilitation programme.

CBR project at Faisalabad is a humble effort of a dedicated people to develop a future body of rehabilitation knowledge and skills appropriate for application for families and communities which will inspire renewed interests in indigenous multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills. A pooling of such skills in each community will expand the possibilities for the generations of locally appropriate solutions. Harnessing local expertise, topping it up with appropriate training and encouraging local innovations are ways to help to ensure that many more persons with disabilities in communities will have affordable access to services. With better access to knowledge for skills development, people with disabilities and their families will play an increasingly central role in the planning, management and delivery of future sustainable rehabilitation services. The involvement of family and community members will result in the adoption of a problem solving approach to rehabilitation services. In this approach, the persons with disabilities themselves will emerge as key players in the rehabilitation process. To facilitate local efforts, rehabilitation knowledge is demystified and made widely available to the actors and beneficiaries in community programme.