Tamir History

Tamir Welfare Organization (Tamir) Pakistan is one of the leading rights-based cross-disability focused organizations in Pakistan. It is a non-profit, non-sectarian, non-political organization having the ambition to strengthen the community through various development projects by fostering self- reliance, self-sufficiency and self-sustained opportunities and available resources.

Tamir was established on January 1, 1996, and registered on October 23, 1996, having registration no. 485/DDSW & WD/FSD/96 with the Social Welfare Department (Government of Punjab) with its main focus on community development. Tamir has been providing the range of quality services to people with disabilities since Oct 1996. Partnership with Leonard Cheshire Services started in 1998 and ‘Tamir Cheshire Community Programme’ initiated in partnership with the main focus of disability and development programme in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, Tamir Cheshire Community Programme (TCCP) is known for its outstanding work on Inclusive Education, Social Rehabilitation, Health & Rehabilitation and Economic Empowerment of people with the disabilities-the key to social inclusion and advocacy for promoting rights of people with disabilities.

Tamir envisions a society in which people with disabilities can enjoy equal rights and have equal opportunities to fulfil their potential. Tamir’s mission is to enable people with disabilities for improving their quality of life and to campaign for removing barriers that hinder them.

Our Values

  • Valuing the individual-Taking time to listen to persons with disabilities and to understand what matters to them.
  • Working together-Finding our success in the achievement of persons with disabilities with whom we work.
  • Honesty- Building and maintaining a relationship of trust with our stakeholders by being clear about what we can and cannot do and by delivering our promises.
  • Creativity-Promoting innovative products, exploring new fields and ways of working.
  • Energy- Being ambitious in the goals we set and committing ourselves to their achievement.
  • Mutual respect, honour and dignity
  • Transparency, accountability and openness

Tamir Mission

Our Mission “Enabling persons with disabilities to improve their quality of life and to campaign for the removal of the barriers which hinder them”

Tamir Vision

Our Vision “A community in which persons with disabilities can enjoy equal rights and have opportunities to fulfil their potential” A leader in advocacy for social inclusion Economic Empowerment specialist Focusing & Promoting Abilities Promoting barrier-free society with equal opportunities for ALL

Aim and Objectives

Aim and Objectives

  • To Strengthened the rural & urban community through self-reliance activities.


  • To Promote self-determination of community members especially economically poor women, children and disable people.

Our Partners